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American Sustainable Business Institute

The American Sustainable Business Institute, a distinct legal entity, operates under IRS code 501(c)(3). It offers programs that educate and inform the public and policy makers about the benefits of a more sustainable economy, and about policies and practices that can help the economy become more sustainable.

The American Sustainable Business Institute 501 (c)(3) entity is governed by its Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

David Brodwin
Co-founder, VP Media and Communications and CFO, American Sustainable Business Institute

April DeSimone
Co-founder, Designing the We

Julie Fox Gorte
Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing, Pax World Management LLC (treasurer)

Jeffrey Hollender
CEO, Jeffrey Hollender Partners (board chair and founding partner)

MaryAnne Howland
Founder and President, Ibis Communications, Inc.

Aaron Lamstein
Board Member & Advisor

David Levine
President, American Sustainable Business Institute

Sandra McCardell
President, Current-C Energy Systems, Inc.

Wiley Rhodes
One Step in Foundation / NewPoint Oil & Gas

Sarah Severn
President, Sarah Severn Consulting

Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks
CEO, Earth Friendly Products