ASBC Polling Highlighted in New Report on Chemical Industry Lobbying

A new report issued by the Center for Effective Government anchors part of its c

A new report issued by the Center for Effective Government anchors part of its criticism of the Office of Advocacy on ASBC's recent polling on business attitudes on toxic chemicals. The report criticizes the little-known, independent office within the Small Business Administration for failing to get input from small businesses and being inappropriately influenced by lobbyists for the chemical industry on an important issue. The ASBC national poll clearly showed that small business owners do not agree with the Office of Advocacy’s position on toxic chemicals. The Congressional tesitimony of BioAmber's Ally Latourelle, an ASBC business supporter, also was featured in the report as an example of a small business not represented by Office of Advocacy's efforts on behalf of large chemical manufacturers. Read the full report

This report clearly shows the need for transparency in government agencies and for public interest organizations to make sure that happens. It also reminds us that the good name of small businesses are constantly used by big special interests not only to advocate for positions beneficial for those special interests but for positions that are contrary to the real interests of small businesses. In this case the results of ASBC’s polling of independent businesses indicate that the majority of them do not support the positions that the Office of Advocacy has been promoting as small business views on the use of toxic chemicals. It is imperative that the actual voices of small businesses and their organizations be heard at all levels of policy debate to better guide government decisions toward a more sustainable, vibrant economy.


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