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Business Supporter (Bronze)

Milo Tricot Consultant Inc.

Milo Tricot is a creative design studio & online shop. The foundation of its work builds on the concepts of: create, collaborate, and support. Milo Tricot's mission is to promote artisanal values and technical innovation across its collections by teaming up with fearless makers through collaborative guerrilla projects that work within the parameters of craftsmanship, sustainability, and technology. Milo Tricot believes in equality, and understand that human rights and earth rights need to be symbiotic. In today's world where politics and laws are passed and shaped by mere profit, everyone must stand together and show that it is possible to have it all: A more sustainable, equal and profitable world.

Harleman Products

Harleman Products began because David Harleman needed a place to contain the large amount of recycling debris his family of five generated each week. Unable to find a container that fit their needs, Harleman designed and built a portable recycling container for use in the home. The firm now offers this linkable, foldable, portable recycling container to others