Make Climate Change a Presidential Election Issue

Climate change poses a serious and disruptive risk to U.S. businesses. Increasingly erratic weather patterns, caused by carbon dioxide emissions, are wreaking havoc on farmers, raising insurance premiums, depressing real estate values, and increasing energy use. As temperatures rise, so does the need for air conditioning thus further straining the budgets of small and mid-size companies.


Climate change is arguably the most serious threat of our time. It impacts all the issues we are concerned about today: the economy, government spending, national security, jobs, energy prices and health care.

What's at Stake

Despite the gravity of the risks, neither President Obama nor Governor Romney openly talks about climate disruption. Neither candidate has made a public commitment to do what’s necessary to address the problem.

The Presidential Candidate Emergency Climate Petition seeks to make climate change a central issue in this year’s Presidential election. As a business leader, you can help raise the profile on this key issue by signing the petition.

Energy and climate security are not partisan issues. Solutions must serve the public interest rather than special interests, when the two diverge.

Making the Business Case

As seasoned businesspeople, we opt for playing it safe and pursuing a “no regrets” policy on carbon emissions. Skyrocketing insurance costs stemming from increased storms, flooding, and fires is just one example of a climate related business risk. Many nations around the world, including China, are beginning to address climate emissions in a productive fashion that spurs local innovation and supports their move towards energy independence.

We encourage this year's presidential candidates to address climate change and energy security head-on. Addressing climate change is the biggest opportunity for new jobs and industries, a dynamic economy, lasting peace and a better quality of life for our children.

For more information, or to get involved in the working group that manages this campaign, please contact us.


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