Raise Revenue through Corporate Tax Reform

Corporate tax reform is coming—you can help determine whether it makes things better or worse. Join the campaign for corporate tax reform that closes loopholes, levels the playing field between big business and small, increases transparency and assures adequate revenue for the infrastructure and services underpinning our economy.

If we are to invest in an economy that sustains businesses, families and communities, we need all our nation's businesses to pay their fair share. Today’s tax code subsidizes multinational corporations at the expense of domestic employers, including the small businesses at the heart of our communities and our economy. Fortune 500 companies like General Electric should not be paying less in federal income taxes than Main Street merchants. Multinational corporations should not be rewarded for disguising U.S. profits as foreign earnings through clever accounting maneuvers; they should not be rewarded for shifting jobs and investment offshore.

Many of America's largest and most profitable corporations complain that corporate taxes are too high. But in reality:

  • The share of U.S. budget receipts coming from corporate income taxes has shrunk from 32% in the 1950s to less than 9% today. 
  • U.S. corporate taxes as a percent of the total economy is near the bottom among industrialized nations.

We need corporate tax reform that is revenue positive - not revenue neutral reform that would permanently lock in place today's low level of corporate contributions to public services and infrastructure. We need corporate tax reform that levels the playing field for businesses large and small, domestic and multinational.

Don't let corporate tax dodgers dominate debate over corporate tax reform. Join the business organizations, owners and executives signing the Corporate Tax Reform petition today.

For more information, or to get involved in the working group that manages this campaign, please contact us.


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