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Support Clean Energy Victory Bonds

Reliable, long-term financing has been one of the greatest obstacles to moving the nation toward a clean energy future. Clean Energy Victory Bonds can be a big part of the solution. The Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 works to create an investment vehicle that allows Americans to invest in one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy, as well as a means to collectively provide a secure and sustainable energy future, create jobs, and regain our competitive advantage in clean energy technology.

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Concerns About Fracking: A Business Perspective

Businesses value clean, affordable energy that is not vulnerable to foreign policy-induced supply disruptions. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for gas and oil has been touted as a way to achieve this independence, a way to reduce the use of coal, and as a boon to cash-strapped rural counties. However, the ASBC Action Fund and our ASBC business members have concerns about the environmental, economic, and public health impacts of the full lifecycle of this fossil fuel extraction practice, its association with climate change, and its rapid widespread development on public and private land...

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End Oil Subsidies

With concerns growing over the impacts of the sequester budget cuts, we believe Congress should put an end to these taxpayer-paid subsidies to an industry that is enjoying record profits. Across-the-board sequester cuts will reduce air pollution monitoring, scale back Superfund cleanups and reduce funding clean water and drinking water projects. Closing tax loopholes and subsidies to the oil industry would have positive impact on the federal budget by generating revenue for smart investment in our economy and help businesses and the environment.

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Prevent Rising Sea Levels

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to experience the American coastline understand that places along the coast are some of America’s greatest treasures. Unfortunately, we are on a path that threatens our coast due to rising seas as a result of climate change. We must take action now to save our treasured coastal places and small business tourism economies for our children, grandchildren and for many generations to come.

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Speak out in Support of Carbon Pollution Rules for New Power Plants

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced new proposed standards for carbon pollution from new, not yet built power plants. These standards are an important step to cutting our carbon emissions, mitigating the worst effects of climate change, and transitioning to a clean energy economy that will create jobs. We need business leaders to speak out in support of these standards.

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Support Energy Efficiency

The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (S.1392), also known as the Shaheen-Portman Bill, is a bipartisan energy efficiency bill that would save money and energy for consumers, businesses and the federal government. It would create an estimated 159,000 jobs by 2030, while helping to tackle the United States’ rising greenhouse gas emissions.

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Support the EPA's Clean Water Rule

American business depends on clean water — be it for manufacturing, food production, or the safe drinking water our employees and customers rely on. Please join us in supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new proposed rule for water safety because it will give the business community more confidence that streams and rivers will be protected, and provide a consistent regulatory system based on sound science.

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Tell the White House to Cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline

President Obama last year delayed the final decision the Keystone XL Pipeline. Since then, the President promised in his second inaugural address that the United States would “respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.” One day later, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman approved a revised route for the pipeline, removing a major hurdle to its construction.

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