Promote Corporate Responsibility through Benefit Corporation Statutes

Benefit corporations (also known as B Corps) are a different kind of corporation. While most companies focus on putting profits first - in some cases, even being required by law to focus on profits - B Corps are required to create benefits for society as well as shareholders. This can include volunteering in the community or other sustainable development.

B Corp legislation is being considered in several states. This legislation would allow corporations that want to register as benefit corporations to do so, without having to be bound by laws putting profits ahead of community gains. It would cost states nothing and be totally voluntary for companies.

The benefits can be extraordinary - ASBC Business Member Seventh Generation cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 8 percent between 2010 and 2011, saved enough energy to heat 1,700 homes for a year, donates 10 percent of their profits to charity and gives employees paid time off to volunteer.

B Corps can also benchmark their performance and determine ways to improve; Mandy Cabot, CEO of ASBC Business Member Dansko, remarked, “The first assessment results really allowed us to baseline our progress to date. From there, we identified opportunities to strengthen our efforts and move our company forward in an even more meaningful manner."

According to our member organization B Lab, 794 B Corporations exist in 27 countries and across 60 industries.

The ASBC Action Fund, along with our member organization B Lab, encourages you to take a moment to send a letter to your legislators supporting the enactment of this legislation by simply filling in the form below.  We’ll deliver your letter and add your name to our growing list of business and community leaders who are supporting this effort.

On July 17, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed SB 47 into law, making Delaware the 19th state, along with Washington, DC, to pass B Corp legislation. All of the bills can be viewed below."

You can also visit our member organizationB Lab for more information.

Other Actions You Can Take: 

Send a letter to your state legislator on your letterhead (downloads available below).

IMMEDIATE ACTION IS NEEDED IN THE FOLLOWING STATES (find out who represents you in your state legislature by entering your ZIP code in the top bar: 

Victory has been achieved in the following states:

For more information, or to get involved in the working group that manages this campaign, please contact us.


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