Urge Governor Brown to Release Safer Consumer Products Regulation

The state of California released proposed regulations to implement a groundbreaking program—The Safer Consumer Products regulations—that will, for the first time, create and prioritize a list of chemicals of concern in consumer products, require alternatives assessment on prioritized chemicals, and regulate the chemicals, if necessary. The program will create opportunities for California businesses to capture a growing global market for green products and services and will keep California businesses competitive in this global environment.

For the first time, California will be asking manufacturers the question: “Is it necessary?” For too long, the question to manufacturers has been “how much of a toxic chemical is ok?” By changing the question, the state is embarking on a new era promoting non-toxic alternatives and encouraging and rewarding businesses that are committed to sustainability.

By encouraging innovation, productivity, efficiency, and employment, the Safer Consumer Product regulations will create opportunities and stimulate economic growth for California businesses.

The Safer Consumer Products regulations will encourage efficiency, reduce costs, and increase value: using alternatives to chemicals of concern often lowers expense, eliminates long-term liabilities, and increases market share. Cost reductions accrue through reduced energy consumption, reduced hazardous waste management costs, reduced liability insurance payments, reduced regulatory burdens, and other efficiency gains.

Under the Safer Consumer Products program, Californians will have safer workplaces and healthier workers. Workers are often exposed to chemicals of concern that put them at much greater risk for health problems. By eliminating or reducing the use of chemicals of concern, the Safer Consumer Products regulations will protect the health of California workers, their families, and local communities.

The Safer Consumer Products regulations will create an advantage for California businesses by insuring they have information on chemical hazards so they can better innovate and develop the materials and products that consumers are demanding. This is good for business and good for the California economy.

Next Steps:

Tell Governor Jerry Brown that business leaders support the Safer Consumer Products regulations, and urge the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to finalize the regulations in a timely manner. Businesses are encouraged to sign the letter and also copy the letter onto company stationery to send to the Governor.

For more information, or to get involved in the working group that manages this campaign, please contact us.


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