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Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Employee ownership is key to building a more sustainable economy. Giving employees more of a stake in their company’s success encourages more productivity and better financial results. Employee Stock Ownership Plans are one way to achieve that.

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Promote Paid Sick Days

One component of a good workplace is a plan ensuring workers can recuperate from illnesses at home, rather than having them come to work when they are not at their most productive. There is a strong business case for paid sick days - they help improve productivity, reduce health care costs, maintain consumer confidence, and avoid costly employee turnover.


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Support Family Medical Leave Insurance

Family Leave Insurance allows employees who need to take time off to care for a family member, or following the birth of a child, to continue to earn some compensation during that time off. Despite concerns about imposing additional costs on businesses, this kind of insurance is beneficial because it makes employees more productive and less likely to move to another company, saving money on employee turnover.

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Support Raising the Minimum Wage

One of the biggest challenges to the sluggish economic recovery is that real wages have not increased despite many businesses showing record profits. Consumer spending is at the heart of our economy and with little to no wage growth, overall economic growth will suffer and the recovery will not be durable. The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 addresses the largest problem business leaders see with today’s economy: weak demand.

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