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Business Supporter (Silver)

Business Supporter (Silver): Companies contributing $500 to $999

Spencer Organ Company

Spencer Organ Company, Inc. is a Boston-based organ maintenance and restoration firm with an emphasis on electro-pneumatic organs and components, especially those of Skinner and Aeolian-Skinner. Spencer Organ Company serves individual clients for maintenance and restoration, as well as offering restoration services, parts and components to others within the organ building trade.

Bohlsen Group

Bohlsen Group identifies your most compelling stories and the right mix of conventional and unconventional marketing and PR tactics to share them. Bohlsen Group's process— discovery and planning that gives way to data-informed implementation and ongoing performance measurement— is designed to understand your audience and generate momentum in line with your goals. Bohlsen Group's intrepid street level approach takes your brand to the people through public relations, creative ideation, and grassroots tactics that think outside the typical agency toolbox. Bohlsen Group is not afraid to think big, be original, and ask, why not?