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Business Supporter (Silver)

Business Supporter (Silver): Companies contributing $500 to $999

Tiny Human Food

Tiny Human Food produces a line of scrumptious small-batch, organic, cold-pressed tiny human food which gives parents an opportunity to invest in the health of their child/ren every time they pick up the spoon. Tiny Human Food is full of the vitamins and nutrients that nature intended for them to have, rather than stripped of their natural goodness in order to be able to sit on a grocery store shelf for a year. Tiny Human Food is proud to offer you a superior alternative option and do its part in creating a much healthier next generation!

Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation

ICLF is a non-profit non-governmental organization works on the implementation of projects in the different areas of social, political, economic and educational-cultural participation in the United States, as well as in other countries of Ibero-America and Europe, with the objective of making equality of opportunities real and effective.