ASBC's Business Summit for a Sustainable Economy

Please come to Washington, D.C. in June to participate in a full day meeting at the White House with senior Administration officials, a reception on Capitol Hill, an ASBC strategy session and congressional office visits. A reception on Capitol Hill is schedule for the evening of June 11. The White House visit takes place June 12, and on June 13 we’ll focus on ASBC strategy as well as spend time visiting Congressional offices. Contact Richard Eidlin for more details.

Event Date and Time: 
2012-06-11 09:00 - 2012-06-13 17:00 -0500

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Join us in working towards a sustainable economy that meets the challenges of the 21st century, based on strategic investments in work force and infrastructure; standards and safeguards that promote innovation and protect the public; and sustainable economic growth that fosters a growing, secure middle class.

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American Sustainable Business Council is a national partnership of 77+ business associations representing over 200,000 businesses and 325,000 entrepreneurs, managers, investors, and others. These partners support sustainable development, socially responsible business practices, and strong local Main Street economies.