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Don't Believe Trump's Hype - Regulations Do Work for Business!

Time: 2:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern Time
Place: Webinar

There’s trouble brewing. The Trump Administration and GOP-controlled Congress have joined old-line lobbyists to wipe out regulations that protect our environment, our workplace safety and our financial system's integrity—purportedly to help business. Responsible business leaders know better. Government regulations keep big firms from foisting their costs onto smaller firms and taxpayers, let the market choose winners fairly, reward healthy innovation and give companies of all sizes a chance to grow. Broadly shared prosperity, the market economy and democracy itself depend on fair regulation. 

Join Celinda Lake, President of Lake Research Partners and Bryan McGannon, ASBC’s Policy Director for a March 21st webinar. The discussion will highlight polling data and insights on how regulation matters and what changes in health care and energy mean for America’s small businesses.

Celinda Lake is a leading U.S. political strategist, pollster and tactician.


Bryan McGannon is ASBC’s Policy Director and leads ASBC’ regulatory reform efforts on Capitol Hill.