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Effective Advocating & Lobbying Your Elected Officials

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1:00pm to 2:00pm
Eastern Time
Place: Webinar

Your voice matters. As a business leader, the story of your business, and your ability to make the business and economic case for policy that addresses your key issues makes a difference

In this training, we will educate and prepare business leaders to be effective advocates for your issues; teach you how to speak effectively with representatives and regulators; know who you need to talk to, how to set up a meeting, how to be effective in the meeting and follow up.

Now it's time for you to use your voice and power as a business leader to make a bigger difference. Join us.


Bryan McGannon, Policy Director, ASBC

  • Bryan brings a broad background in issue advocacy and political campaigns.  He was State Director in Ohio for the Alliance for Climate Protection's Repower America campaign, and served on former Vice President Al Gore's initiative to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation. In that role, he developed a cross-constituency outreach campaign and led a team of 13 staff.  Bryan's political campaign experience spans presidential campaigns, congressional races, and local ballot initiatives. In addition, Bryan has nearly a decade of experience in Washington, D.C. in advocacy roles.

This is the second session in the Media and Advocacy Training webinars.