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Green Depot is the nation’s leading supplier of environmentally friendly building products, services and home solutions. The company’s mission is to make green building products readily accessible, affordable and gratifying so that sustainable practices can easily be adopted into standard construction operations. Green Depot currently has an active ecommerce site, 13 stores including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Chicago, and 20 distribution warehouses across the country. Our sophisticated infrastructure of warehouses, trucking, rail and export enables us to serve high-volume demand construction projects. With the 2011 acquisition of the West Coast’s Ecohaus – one of the oldest eco-friendly building supply storefronts in the nation – Green Depot now offers its products and expertise at locations from coast to coast. 

All of the products Green Depot sells must pass through its proprietary green “fi lter,” a strict quality and values criteria focusing on: Health, Durability, Performance. Life cycle, Natural resource conservation, and Energy conservation. Green Depot’s rigorous Green Filter methodology vets prospective products for their environmental and safety attributes, and serves as the platform for Green Depot’s one-on-one “Flip It Green” client service. Green Depot’s “fi lter” sets us apart from other green building suppliers and retailers in credibility, squarely addressing the issues of “greenwashing” that often confuse and mislead consumers.

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Join us in working towards a sustainable economy that meets the challenges of the 21st century, based on strategic investments in work force and infrastructure; standards and safeguards that promote innovation and protect the public; and sustainable economic growth that fosters a growing, secure middle class.

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