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The Push For Better Regulation of the Chemicals In Consumer Products

Justmeans cites ASBC poll 2012 Toxic Chemicals poll results urging TSCA reform.

Democrats back rhetoric with cash in fight against Koch brothers

The Hill writes about ASBC Action  Funds ad campaign thanking Gary Peters for his jobs-saving work in Michigan. The Huffington Post ran a similar story.

Clean Energy Bill Hits House of Reps

Domestic Fuel, Solar Industry and FierceEnergy, discuss CEVB and quotes ASBC Co-founder Richard Eidlin as to why it makes sense.

EPA Plan Would Protect More Streams, Continue Agriculture Exemptions

Wisconsin Public Radio mentions ASBC's support for the EPA's new rule to protect waterways.

Administration Seeks to Limit Pollution Discharges into Small Streams, Wetlands

The Daily GPI quoted ASBC Co-founder Richard Eidlin's praising of the EPA's new rule to protect waterways.

EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Release New Rule To Protect Waterways

The TriplePundit quoted ASBC Co-founder Richard Eidlin's praising of the EPA's new rule to protect waterways.

Chemical Manufacturers, Advocacy Groups Sharply Split in Early Reaction to TSCA Bill

Bloomberg BNA quotes David Levine, CEO and Co-founder  of ASBC in a statement: “While it is good to see that Chairman Shimkus recognizes the need to fix TSCA, meaningful reform must address three fundamental aspects: transparency, robust safety standards, and incentive for innovation.”

House GOP pushes toxic chemicals reform

The Hill quotes ASBC Business Member, John Replogle CEO of Seventh Generation cautioning the new legislation introduced by Representative John Shimkus (R-IL) entitled the “Chemicals in Commerce Act” to reform the Toxic Substance Control Act.

Chemical regulations gain support

The WV Gazette praises ASBC support for stronger regulations in WV after the January 9th chemical leak into the Elk River.

Naturepedic participates in EPA roundtable

Kids Today Online highlights the ASBC delegation meeting with the CEQ to discuss harmful chemicals in consumer products.

Retail sales fall unexpectedly in January

Los Angeles Times cites ASBC's report “Climate Change Preparedness and the Small Business Sector" findings on how small "...businesses are particularly at risk from extreme weather..."

‘Mad Men’ era of U.S. family policy coming to an end?

The Washington Post cites ASBC among the business groups in support of the Family and Medical Leave Act at the state and national level.

Mullins group learns about ‘crowd funding’ reports on ASBC Action Fund Chair Frank Knapp, Jr.'s talk to the Mullins Chamber of Commerce meeting about the crowdfunding site

All would benefit from real immigration reform

The Mail Tribune quotes ASBC's results from the Immigration Reform Poll conducted in 2013.

Polluters begin their so-called "guerrilla warfare" strategy against climate action

Switchboard NRDC cites ASBC's statement applauding President Obama's efforts to address carbon pollution and transition toward a clean energy economy.

DOL National News: Getting Beyond 'Mad Men' With Payoffs for Paid Leave

The United States Department of Labor Newsletter highlighted U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez's meeting with ASBC business leaders to discuss paid sick leave.

Tricks of the Trade that Block Climate Change Progress

ASBC Board treasurer and Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing at Pax World Management LLC, Julie Fox Gorte, Ph.D., pens an op-ed for the TriplePundit praising the latest UCS report and how this would positively affect the Clean Trillion report.

Group: North Carolina's 'water's edge' tax loophole hurting state economy

Triangle Business Journal sites the joint ASBC - Business for Shared Prosperity Tax Report results to show the amount of tax money N.C. loses to offshore tax havens.

Was There Enough for Small Business in Obama's State of the Union?

Bloomberg Businessweek paraphrased ASBC CEO David Levine  ASBC '...applauded the president’s call to close corporate tax loopholes.'

Obama lauds small business owners in his State of the Union - but not all of them buy it

The Washington Post quotes ASBC's statement applauding President Obama's call to raise the minimum wage.


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