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Obama lauds small business owners in his State of the Union - but not all of them buy it

The Washington Post quotes ASBC's statement applauding President Obama's call to raise the minimum wage.

Wish list made for new head of SBA

The Durango Herald quotes ASBC Co-founer Richard Eidlin on what should be the priorities for the new head of the SBA.

More loans, fewer regulations on small businesses' wish list for new SBA administrator

The Republic quotes ASBC Co-founder Richard Eidlin on the future needs of the SBA to "...encourage agencies to award contracts to companies that help to build or rebuild their communities..."

Small business owners breathe sigh of relief as Obama taps SBA leader

The Washington Post quotes CEO and Co-founder David Levine on the Small Business Administrator nomination of Maria Contreras-Sweet.

Greenville film house the 1st campaign for S.C. crowd funding website

GSA Business announces the launch of the project,which is a "...partnership between the S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce, The American Sustainable Business Council and Mission Markets Inc., a New York-based securities firm."

New capital access portal launched

ASBC member organization, S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce announced, on the Unconflicted Blog, the launch of their first project on the statewide donation crowdfunding portal,, that enables South Carolina small businesses and nonprofits to raise the capital they need to grow. ran this story as well.

New Report On Global Corporate Sustainability Practices Shows Talkers Outnumber The Doers

International Business Times quotes ASBC co-founder David Brodwin on how coporate American is adopting more sustainable business practices.

Business groups join for chemical push

The Hill quotes ASBC CEO David Levine on the need for the chemical reform.

Bronx Community Wins Big on Development Project Committed to Living Wages and Local Economy

Truthout discusses a study led by ASBC co-founder Jeffrey Hollenderto look at Bronx's challenges and assets to build on its economy.

Sustainability Helps SMEs Cut Costs, Increase Profitability

The Environmental Leader reports on businesses prioirtizing sustainable business practices and cites ASBC report Climate Change Preparedness and the Small Business Sector.

Toxic Chemical Found in Toys and Vinyl Plastic Linked to Cancer Added to California Proposition 65 List

The Mount Shasta Herald quotes ASBC Action Fund co-chair, Frank Knapp, Jr. on the need for transparency of the chemicals in consumer products.

The Workplace Needs to Adapt to People's Needs

An op-ed in Truthout quotes ASBC David Brodwin's US News and World Report's article on employee owned businesses and how we need a true work life balance.

States make moves toward paid family leave

The Washington Post discusses Family Medical Leave Insurance and how many organizations, including ASBC, support it.  The Kokomo Tribune  and The Stanly News and Press also carried this story.

Companies push update of U.S. chemical safety laws

Home Textiles Today discusses the ASBC and Seventh Generation led Companies for Safer Chemicals coalition.

Biz Group Christmas Wish: More Regulation?

Listen to Soundbite Services' clip on the new ASBC and Seventh Generation led Companies For Safer Chemicals Coalition

These Companies Want More Government Regulation

The Huffington Post highlights ASBC and Seventh Generations new coalition ‘Companies For Safer Chemicals Coalition.’  The article quotes ASBC CEO David Levine regarding the members of the coalition as "...a set of companies that have been pioneering safer products, safer chemicals for decades..."

Sustainability Leads to Cost Savings, Revenue Growth

The Environmental Leader discusses Harold L. Sarkin's article which quoted ASBC co-founder David Brodwin about how sustainablilty leads ot cost savings for businesses.

Business no longer sees red over being green

The San Francisco Chronicle quotes ASBC co-founder and Director of Communications and Media in an article about how sustainability programs are producing cost savings, revenue growth, and competitive advantage, along with environmental benefits.

A Sustainable Business Model Pays Off

Bloomberg Businessweek and PR Pick quote ASBC co-founder and Director of Communications and Media in an article about how sustainability programs are producing cost savings, revenue growth, and competitive advantage, along with environmental benefits.

Business Owners Welcome White House Support for $10 Minimum Wage

St. Louis (MO) Front Page quotes ASBC CEO David Levine supporting President Obama's backing of a federal minimum wage increase.


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