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TriLibrium is a Portland, Oregon based CPA firm, founded in 2008 by Brian Setzler and André Furin, which breaks the mold of standard Certified Public Accounting firms. Our profession is full of people who prepare tax returns, audit financial statements, project cash flow and otherwise account for the financial bottom line. Where conventional firms see those services as the sum total of their business, we view them as a starting point.

Our vision is to create a CPA firm that provides exceptional professional services while staying true to our mission, the tenets of sustainability and the practices of a learning organization. We’re taking numerous steps, large and small, to challenge the status quo behavior of most CPA firms, including: reducing paper consumption to a small fraction of a typical CPA practice

  • Offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recycling as much as possible in our municipality
  • Sourcing local, recycled, energy-efficient and non-toxic products and services whenever possible actively encouraging bike riding and other low footprint forms of travel (public transit over individual car travel)
  • Reducing our rates for non-profits •offering internships and mentoring services •making contributions to community groups