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Specialty Sleep Association

Founded in 1995 as the successor organization for the waterbed industry, the SSA today advocates and promotes the full spectrum of bedding solutions. The specialty sector has become much more mainstream and now represents the fastest growing category of all bedding.

Our showroom in Las Vegas is a co-op venue for manufacturers and distributors introducing product to retail bedding stores/departments. Our showroom is always one of the busiest in Las Vegas during the Furniture Market. Our upgraded and expanded website includes a nationwide mattress store search feature. We have a national high visibility public relations program launched which is geared towards promoting Specialty Sleep Products and our members, as well as recruiting new retailer and manufacturing/supplier members.

SSA’s Environmental and Safety Program is one of our product transparency programs. This program was created to promote truth in marketing for products that are marketed with “green” claims. The SSA’s Environmental & Safety Program is a manufacturer self-certification and labeling program designed to provide consumers with material content information about what is inside the mattress and how claims are supported through testing and certification.