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Wisconsin Business Alliance

Over the past century, Wisconsin built a reputation for good government, respectful workplace relations, and common-sense environmental safeguards. But in recent years, one narrow viewpoint has dominated discussions about business and economic development. The Wisconsin Business Alliance is changing the conversation by helping Wisconsin’s small business owners speak for themselves, face-to-face with legislators and through the media.

  • Wisconsin Business Alliance connects businesses to policy makers its members work with state legislators and policy experts to develop and support common-sense policies that improve Wisconsin’s business climate while protecting the quality of life.
  • Wisconsin Business Alliance connects businesses to each other and to their communities. It serves as a voice in the media and elsewhere in the public sphere for community-minded business owners and independent professionals. Its online member directory encourages consumers to support independent Wisconsin businesses. It promotes buying locally as a way to keep money circulating in the local economies. It also hosts networking events around the state.
  • Wisconsin Business Alliance connects businesses to helpful resources. It offers members-only access to health and dental insurance plans, as well as a free legal hotline. It informs its members about developments in health care reform, renewable energy, broadband access, and other issues.