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ASBC Businesses Meet with Rep. Carol Shea Porter

ASBC recently sponsored a visit between Carol Shea Porter, (D, NH-01) and five business leaders to discuss action on climate change at the federal level.
Business leaders shared their stories of climate change’s impact and the need for broad, federal engagement. Congresswoman Shea Porter offered her perspective on the necessary steps to empower change.

Participants at the meeting were diverse in make-up and perspectives:
Michelle Lozuaway, a local restaurateur, made it clear that she is concerned for her supplies of quality, natural food.

Jennings Boley from Liberty Mutual shared how the increase of catastrophic storms is impacting the company’s investment portfolio.

Molly Hodgson, Executive Director of the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce, said Main Street businesses are starting to connect the dots and see how climate change is having adverse impacts on their operations.

Roger Stephenson, a business strategy consultant, shared experiences from over 100 NH businesses that are already seeing problems with distributed energy, roads, and extreme precipitation. Further, these problems cut across many industrial sectors including agriculture, logging, and tourism just to name a few.

Roger Stephenson, a business strategy consultant, in discussions with over 100 local businesses has found they are already seeing the impacts of climate change in their operations, from lost days and hours due to storms to long-term changes in maple syrup production.
Wes Tator, a commercial Realtor acknowledged the Congresswoman for the hard work she is doing in speaking out against the Administration’s reactionary approach to environmental programs. He asked the Congresswoman if she has considered joining the Climate Solutions Caucus.

Congresswoman Shea Porter made it clear that the path to federal engagement is challenging in a Republican-controlled Congress. With its conservative voice and independent resources, business has a real role to play in opening opportunities for Republican members of Congress to speak out. She also noted that the seacoast tourism industry is both a major piece of her District’s economy and facing serious threats from sea level rise and unpredictable weather.

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Wes Tator
Source Publication Date: 
June 22, 2017