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ASBC Challenges Trump: “A Great America is a Sustainable America”

In a statement about the inauguration of Donald Trump as President, ASBC challenged him and his Administration to “make our country not only great also sustainable. After all, a truly great America is a sustainable America.”

ASBC’s statement reads, in part:

“As a businessman, Mr. Trump will work hard to make his administration business-friendly. But he doesn’t have to cater to crony capitalists looking to prop up their declining companies and industries with corporate welfare from taxpayer dollars. Rather, he should embrace the future as represented by the growing number of highly successful, innovative companies that operate sustainably for long-term, influential success.”

“American progress depends on companies whose business models are based on paying their workers well, providing good benefits, investing in the communities in which they operate and taking care of the environment upon which they depend. Such companies are creating many of the new jobs and represent the future of America. They will help make our country not only great but also sustainable. After all, a truly great America is a sustainable America.

”We look forward to working cooperatively with Mr. Trump and his Administration to enact policies that strengthen the economy while increasing opportunity and protecting the environment. We know that principles of sustainability work in business. We stand ready to help the new Administration discover how they also work in policy.”

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