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ASBC Endorses Green New Deal

ASBC has released a statement praising the Green New Deal introduced by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY 14).

“The Green New Deal offers a bold, new opportunity, said David Levine, President. “We can build our nation’s infrastructure and tap American business innovation, while also addressing climate change and broadening economic prosperity. Investing in clean manufacturing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, quality water, transportation and agricultural systems will create more resilient communities, better jobs and a thriving economy.”

The Green New Deal proposes an economic transformation on the scale of the federal government's mobilization of resources, people and technology to meet the challenges of the Depression and WWII. It is a roadmap, rather than specific legislation, designed to be a framework to guide Congress in developing legislation to achieve the goals it sets out. Those goals include many that will directly benefit business and the economy:

  • achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions following a people-first approach to protect communities and jobs
  • create millions of good, high-wage jobs
  • invest in sustainable infrastructure and industry
  • secure clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, healthy food, access to nature and a sustainable environment, which all businesses and their employees depend on

In addition, Representative Ocasio-Cortez has said that legislation under the framework could include market-based strategies such as Pricing Carbon. An approach that ASBC has long-supported.

We are also excited that many of the High Road Workplace policies we support could be implemented under the Green New Deal. These include $15 Minimum Wage, Paid Family Leave, and broadening Worker Ownership.

“American businesses need to support policies that boost the economy and address climate change at the same time,” said David Levine. “The Green New Deal does exactly that. In all, it’s a great deal for businesses as well as our communities and the environment.”

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Source Author: 
Bob Keener
Source Publication Date: 
February 7, 2019