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ASBC Hopeful of Linda McMahon Small Business Administration Nomination

Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA), Linda McMahon, can actively facilitate job growth and a more robust economy just by leveling the playing field for small businesses.

Small companies face big barriers such as federal policies favoring large companies, bank policies restricting access to affordable capital and banking industry consolidation that limits options. Yet small business development can broadly increase incomes and build wealth.

McMahon will take over when many businesses are experiencing a shift in how they operate. More companies are adopting “high road” practices that reflect both the positive and negative impacts of their operations on the environment, society and taxpayers. This new model works, but government policies will either speed or slow the transition.

McMahon is a successful entrepreneur who knows the challenges faced by small businesses. To encourage their development, she should lead on these initiatives.

Source Author: 
Richard Eidlin
Source Publication Date: 
December 19, 2016