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ASBC Hosts Sustainability Event At Democratic National Convention

Earlier this week, ASBC hosted a program of three panel discussions alongside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, all on various aspects of sustainability. Speakers from the business and political communities explored key concepts and related strategies that can lead to a broadly sustainable policy. The panel program was followed by an evening reception in downtown Philadelphia.

The first panel focused on business strategies for building a high road economy, including improved transparency and reporting, as is being implemented by ASBC member B Lab.  The second panel dealt with responsible capital, including ways to improve the flow of capital to more -- and more diverse -- kinds of businesses. The third panel focused on environmental stewardship and clean energy, which noted that investment in fighting climate change also offers the benefit of creating jobs.

All three panels were livestreamed on Periscope and recorded for viewing online.

Source Author: 
Zach Bernstein
Source Publication Date: 
July 28, 2016