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November 15, 2016
David Levine, co-founder and CEO of ASBC, told Chemical Watch if there were to be a dismantling of regulations, or an attempt made to limit the EPA's effectiveness, that would have an impact on TSCA.But if that happens, said Mr Levine, you'll see an uptick of work by states. And he pointed out that it was this very state-driven "patch-work" approach that drove the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and other industry groups to the negotiating table to reform TSCA in the first place."If the EPA is undermined in a way where it can't proceed on chemical assessments, it does leave states the... read more
November 9, 2016
An article in AP News quoted ASBC CEO David Levine about the concerns regarding gridlock persisting even with a Republican president and Congress. Said Levine, "What we don't know is whether or not there is a sincere interest in supporting small and medium-size enterprises in this country — rebuilding Main Street, rebuilding manufacturing."
November 3, 2016
An article in Westfair Business highlighted the launch of the Connecticut Sustainable Business Council, an ASBC organizational member.
October 28, 2016
Richard Eidlin, VP of Policy and Campaigns for American Sustainable Business Council talks about why small businesses are supporting the  National Mitigation Investment Act bill currently in Congress. He also discusses why climate change is becoming a bipartisan issue.
October 13, 2016
An article in Bloomberg BNA quoted ASBC CEO David Levine in support of chemical reform. Said Levine, “Transparency is the key frame that needs to be addressed, and it’s only partially covered by what we see presently in the Lautenberg bill to reform TSCA.”
October 25, 2016
Frank Knapp, president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce and co-chairman of ASBC, wrote an op-ed in the Florence Morning News in support of new economic policies to strengthen small businesses.
October 4, 2016
An article in the Grocery Headquarters quoted ASBC CEO David Levine on Earth Friendly Products' high standards of sustainability.  Said Levine, "This company is leading the way on some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time—climate, water and waste. More impressively, they've achieved these goals while paying their employees a living minimum wage and providing them great benefits."
October 8, 2016
An article in the New York Times quoted Bryan McGannon, ASBC policy director, in support of reforming federal laws overseeing personal care product ingredients.  Said McGannon, “Consumers are demanding cleaner and safer products, but we still have this law from almost 100 years ago."
October 6, 2016
An article in The Guardian quoted David Levine on the benefits of green chemistry.  Said Levine, "Green chemistry is providing an opportunity for a stronger economy and a healthier society.”
September 30, 2016
Gay Browne, founder of Greenopia, attended ASBC 2016 Sustainable Business Summit and wrote an op-ed in The Hill about her experiences at the Summit that left her inspired to move forward in a sustainable economy.