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August 26, 2016
The Record Herald reported on the Annual Quad-State Legislative Conference where Bryan McGannon, ASBC's director of policy, was a guest speaker.
July 25, 2016
Bryan McGannon, policy director of ASBC, was part of a panel discussing the direction in which the Democrats need to proceed in order to change a perception that the party is pro-regulation and anti-business. An article in the Philadelphia Business Journal quoted McGannon, "Business is not monolithic. Not every business is represented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or NFIB. It's not solely about taxes."
July 21, 2016
E&E news discusses the spirited debate at ASBC's policy forum during the RNC about the best way to cut emissions. Supporters of a carbon tax tangled with Rod Richardson, president of the Grace Richardson Fund, who says "clean tax cuts" would be easier to pass with Republican help.
July 21, 2016 discussed ASBC's policy Forum at Cleveland State University on July 20th on climate change, carbon dioxide reductions and corporate sustainability programs aimed at making business greener—all issues largely ignored by the Republican National Convention.
July 20, 2016
An article in the Dallas Morning News discussed how Conservative Dallas philanthropist Trammell S. Crow, a panelist on ASBC's Policy Forum on Conservative Thought and Sustainability at the RNC, makes the business case for cleaner energy
June 15, 2016
An article in the GoodCall discusses how the Obama administration launched the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge.  It also mentioned ASBC's pledge to break down similar stigmas in the private sectors.
May 31, 2016
An article in Greater Park Hill News quoted Richard Eidlin, co-founder and vice president of policy and campaigns for ASBC in support of Colorado raising the state's minimum wage. Said Eidlin, “A higher minimum wage in Colorado is a win-win. Workers benefit from having more disposable income. Businesses benefit from having more customers able to purchase their goods and services."
May 21, 2016
Matthew Dillon, the director of agricultural policy and programs at Clif Bar (an ASBC member), was quoted in MarketWatch urging Congress to add farmers to the list of workers entitled to student loan forgiveness after 10 years. Said Dillon, “Farming is a tough business. It’s a lot of risk and if we can help early on in lowering the entry fee in farming by creating some debt forgiveness, all the better.”
May 5, 2016
An article in used ASBC and the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3)'s report, Making the Business & Economic Case for Safer Chemistry.
April 27, 2016
An article in Environmental Protection Online recommended that corporate leaders join sustainability organizations, such as the American Sustainable Business Council, to help support sustainable energy and keep informed about important developments.