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ASBC Welcomes Sanders’s Medicare for All Proposal

Today ASBC announced its support for Senator Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal, which 15 Senate Democrats have co-sponsored. The bill is an important starting point, and ASBC members look forward to informing the conversation about the financing and implementation necessary to make the principles, benefits and structure of the proposal a reality.  

The U.S. currently spends almost 18% of its GDP on healthcare compared to about 10% in many other industrialized countries. Reducing healthcare costs would help American businesses to compete globally and make the U.S. a more attractive place for international investment.   

“We look forward to bringing  business stakeholders together to  refine this proposal” said ASBC CEO and co-founder David Levine. “Senator Sanders has made clear his willingness to work with business to design a system that will work for everyone, and we are ready to come to the table to bring real reform to the American healthcare system.” Read the full statement.

Source Author: 
Ryan Rabac
Source Publication Date: 
September 13, 2017