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Climate Week: ASBC Leads Business Discussion

ASBC engaged in in-depth discussions with business leaders throughout Climate Week in New York City regarding actions that will help the United States address climate change.

ASBC co-sponsored a panel on carbon neutrality with the Climate Club. Jet Blue, Phillips, ASBC member Eileen Fisher and others joined ASBC co-founder and CEO David Levine to discuss how to drive carbon reductions from businesses internally through better practices. The panel also covered how national and international policies and frameworks can reduce carbon emissions and build a clean energy economy.

David also moderated a panel as part of another event co-sponsored by the Grace Richardson Fund and ConservAmerica. ‘The Global Clean Tax Cuts: The Next Clean Capitalist Revolution’ panel included groups such as the Woodrow Wilson Center, Global Institute of Sustainability, and Trillium Asset Management and explored bi-partisan ways for tax cuts to incentivize renewable energy development and use.

The key message from the discussion was that businesses and the private sector can play a constructive role in breaking the partisan gridlock in Washington, DC.

Learn more about ASBC Federal Carbon Tax campaign.

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Christine Blackburn