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June 17, 2018
Washington, DC – The leading policy advocacy group representing the interests of responsible businesses today announced a new CEO. Hammad Atassi, a long-time senior executive with Numi Organic Tea, was appointed by Board of Directors of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC). He assumes day-to-day leadership of the... read more
June 14, 2018
An article in ChemicalWatch quoted ASBC President and Co-founder David Levine in support of New York's cleaning product disclosure policy. The New York requirements, "...will help not only deliver what consumers want but will, in turn, grow a strong and healthy New York economy".
June 13, 2018
An article in cites ASBC's highroad report and definition. “High-road” companies “view the workplace as a means to create significant business and social impact (and) reject low-road business models that exploit employees and disregard the environment as the basis for success.”
May 31, 2018
ASBC and its members are pleased that the California Senate has passed SB 822 to restore net neutrality protections in California, after a bold advocacy effort by ASBC members on the ground in Sacramento. We urge the California Assembly to follow suit as and pass the bill as we continue to push Congress to restore these rules... read more
May 31, 2018
Sacramento, CA – In support of the California Senate yesterday passing a net neutrality bill drafted by Senator Scott Wiener, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) released the following statement. It may attributed to President and Co-founder David Levine:“ASBC and its members are pleased that the California Senate... read more
May 21, 2018
After the Senate Democrats' successful passage of the net neutrality CRA, ASBC's Ryan Rabac discusses the implications for businesses.
May 15, 2018
An article in Forbes noted ASBC's commitment to protect net neutrality.
May 9, 2018
As Senate Democrats announced their proposal to restore net neutrality though the Congressional Review Act (CRA) on May 9, ASBC issued a letter of support demanding action to restore net neutrality protections. The letter was released in partnership with the Main Street Alliance and Small Business Majority, and signed by... read more
May 9, 2018
Washington, DC – In advance of today’s expected U.S. Senate discharge petition to reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality protections, businesses and business groups released statements supporting net neutrality and the action by Senators Markey and Schumer.The American Sustainable Business... read more
April 23, 2018
The San Francisco Chronicle highlighted ASBC's letter in support of net neutrality and CA state bill SB822, authored by state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco.


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