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Businesses Call on President to Ensure Trans Pacific Partnership Deal Fulfills His Promises

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October 5, 2015
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Bob Keener

WASHINGTON, DC (October 5, 2015)—In reaction to today’s news reports that negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) have concluded, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), released a statement calling on President Obama to ensure that it is well-implemented. ASBC’s network of business organizations spans more than 200,000 companies. The following statement is from David Brodwin, Co-founder and Vice President of ASBC:

“President Obama has promised a fair and sustainable trade deal, one that boosts standards rather than lowering them. He can make good on that promise by ensuring that this deal is implemented in the right way. Congress also has a responsibility to monitor compliance by this and future administrations.

“In particular, we hope that this deal will be implemented in a way that supports forward-thinking businesses practices, including high-road environmental and labor standards. If the TPP raises the bar, it will be a legacy worth celebrating. If it does not, the economy and environment will suffer for it.

“Previous trade deals have prioritized predatory trade over fair trade, often giving other nations with lower standards an unearned advantage over the United States and forcing a race to the bottom. This deal, the details of which are still unknown, could cause serious harm to American small businesses, workers, and consumers. If it is not implemented properly, it could give multinational corporations unprecedented power to evade safeguards in ways that help the multinationals but hurt smaller, innovative businesses and the economy as a whole. Small to medium sized businesses drive most of the growth and job creation in the U.S. economy; they deserve our support.”

ASBC had previously submitted a letter signed by businesses calling on Congress to reject Fast Track authority for the TPP. The letter may be found here:

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