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October 27, 2016
Frank Knapp, president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce and co-chairman of ASBC, wrote an op-ed in the Florence Morning News in support of new economic policies to strengthen small businesses.
October 27, 2016
ASBC’s October 13th workshop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, brought together 60 business leaders, environmental organizations and legislators in an engaging conversation about the benefits of a national carbon tax. The attendees and panelists agreed that putting a price on carbon would motivate crucial behavioral changes away... read more
October 19, 2016
An article in the Grocery Headquarters quoted ASBC CEO David Levine on Earth Friendly Products' high standards of sustainability.  Said Levine, "This company is leading the way on some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time—climate, water and waste. More impressively, they've achieved these goals while paying... read more
October 19, 2016
David Brodwin, co-founder for ASBC, and Tom Matzzie, president and CEO of Ethical Electric (an
 ASBC member), wrote a piece in Conscious Company Magazine urging local businesses to engage in the fight for community solar and protect "net metering."
October 11, 2016
Business leaders from across the country gathered September 25-27 for an intensive program of learning, networking and lobbying at SUSTYBIZ 16, ASBC’s fifth annual Sustainable Business Summit in Washington DC.Themed “Looking Beyond the Elections,” the positive, solutions-oriented Summit was, for many, a sorely needed antidote... read more
October 10, 2016
An article in the New York Times quoted Bryan McGannon, ASBC policy director, in support of reforming federal laws overseeing personal care product ingredients.  Said McGannon, “Consumers are demanding cleaner and safer products, but we still have this law from almost 100 years ago."
October 7, 2016
An article in The Guardian quoted David Levine on the benefits of green chemistry.  Said Levine, "Green chemistry is providing an opportunity for a stronger economy and a healthier society.”
October 5, 2016
WASHINGTON, DC (October 5, 2016)—The Coalition for a Prosperous American (CPA) and the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) released a letter to Congressional leadership today urging against holding a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement after the November elections. ASBC and CPA collectively represent... read more
October 5, 2016
The Obama administration issued an Executive Order September 30th directing companies doing business with the federal government to provide paid sick leave and equal pay to their employees.  ASBC member, Rebecca R. Rubin, President & CEO of Marstel-Day, LLC presented on a White House conference call explaining the positive... read more
October 5, 2016
ASBC Co-founder David Brodwin, wrote in US News & World Report explaining that business tax breaks don’t really create jobs but persist for political reasons.


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