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Businesses Urge President Trump to Keep U.S. in Paris Climate Agreement

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April 20, 2017
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Bob Keener

WASHINGTON, DC (April 20, 2017)—The Trump Administration will soon decide whether to withdraw or remain in the Paris climate agreement. The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), which has a national network of members representing over 250,000 businesses, urges President Trump to keep the U.S. a party to the agreement and continue our commitment to carbon reduction within the aggressive framework laid out in the agreement.

The following statement may be attributed to David Levine, President and CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council:

“The Paris Accord, agreed to by almost 200 nations, represents a consensus that a low carbon future is beneficial to economic growth. Climate change challenges the security and economic well-being of the United States, in addition to threatening grave environmental and humanitarian challenges worldwide. Rising seas, changing weather patterns, and the northward migration of tropical diseases will harm U.S. businesses and individuals. Some of these costs will be born directly by business. Other costs will be born indirectly for example as a result of tax increases to repair and harden our transportation infrastructure. Denying the reality of climate change does not make these costs go away; the costs just get bigger the longer we drag our heels.

“The U.S. stands to gain by remaining a party to the agreement as a leader in developing clean energy sources. Clean energy and the grid improvements to deliver it are vital emerging technologies. Companies that lead in enabling these technologies will create thousands of jobs and will generously reward their investors. The countries that host winning energy companies will enjoy a sustained advantage in international competition.

“A broad cross section of U.S. industry supports remaining in the Paris agreement, including major fossil fuel companies such as ExxonMobil, Google, Dupont and several U.S. coal companies (Cloud Peak and Peabody). Companies recognize the value of having stable and uniform worldwide standards. They recognize that the Paris agreement provides the best solution to date for tackling a major global problem, and they want the economic opportunity that comes from leadership in essential emerging technologies.”

The American Sustainable Business Council advocates for policy change and informs business owners and the public about the need and opportunities for building a vibrant, sustainable economy. Through its national member network, it represents more than 250,000 business owners, executives and investors from a wide range of industries.