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Trump’s ‘Energy Week’: A Boon for Fossil Fuels

If we were being truthful, President Trump’s ‘Energy Week’ would be more accurately titled ‘Carbon Intensive Fuels Week’. The Administration’s emphasis on ‘energy dominance’ is an open invitation to the coal, oil and gas industries to expand drilling in sensitive offshore areas, National Parks and suburban communities.

Department of Energy Secretary Perry, EPA Administrator Pruitt and Interior Secretary Zinke fail to understand the tremendous market growth and positive job creating results from clean energy and efficiency technologies over the past decade. Continued reliance on fossil fuels is not only damaging to our environment, it will exacerbate climate change.

“As someone who has been intimately involved in the protection of America's National Wildlife Refuges, I am sickened that "energy dominance" also means the appalling practice of drilling into our nation's most pristine areas for humans, wildlife and habitat such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We won't feel so dominant when we've destroyed all the important platforms for life on earth,” said Rebecca R. Rubin, President and CEO, Marstel-Day, LLC.

Trump’s policies ignore the tremendous innovation achieved by thousands of American companies pioneering, selling and installing renewable energy technologies. The clean energy industry currently employs 4 million Americans. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) projects that there will be 24 million jobs in the clean energy sector by 2030. President Trump seemingly doesn’t see this growth and how it can positively affect other industries and sectors of the economy as well. The U.S. has been a leader in commercializing low carbon technologies for decades and now stands to lose its prominence because of the Administration’s policies.

Troy Van Beek, President of Iowa solar company Ideal Energy, noted; “It is within our reach to achieve energy independence with clean technology. America is faced with a choice to either participate as a leader in one of the largest and fastest growing global economies, or fall behind.  Coal is an antiquated, inefficient technology that is not coming back. Many states, including Iowa, are shifting towards large-scale renewable energy generation. It's time for the Administration to step up and support this transition to clean electricity generation”.

The President’s focus on carbon intensive is misguided. Make your voice heard by signing onto the We Are Still In campaign if you agree that the future is in lower carbon, rather than a chaotic future of business disruptions from climate change.

Source Author: 
Richard Eidlin