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We Are Encouraged By The Election Results

“This election is an important step towards passing national legislation that responsible business leaders have long wanted to see,” said CEO Hammad Atassi about the balance of power shifts in the U.S. House and several states. “We are encouraged about the new opportunities for policy change at both the federal and the state level.” 

He continued, “Our members have been frustrated with many policies from Washington and now have renewed hope for progress in the House on some critical issues. Passage in the House now will be the foundation for later passage in the Senate and being signed by the President for policies such as a federal price on carbon, a national paid family leave program and an increase in the federal minimum wage, among many others.” “Also changes in leadership and legislative majorities in several states in the Northeast, Midwest, and Western parts of the nation means that we can expand our success in the states. As is often the case, states can take the lead on policies that later become national,” he said.

ASBC has a number of major campaigns that could see progress with the new leadership and majority in the U.S. House. The campaign to put a national price on carbon may be found here: The campaign for high-road workplace policies such as paid family and medical leave, raising the minimum wage and expanding worker ownership may be found here: The campaign for cleaning products ingredient disclosure is here:

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Source Author: 
Bob Keener
Source Publication Date: 
November 7, 2018