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New Jersey Sustainable Business Council

Sustainable business innovation is becoming a growing force animated by the common aim of achieving economic development that is compatible with shared prosperity and environmental stewardship. Now, hundreds of thousands of businesses, large and small and across all sectors, prove every day that an expanded definition of success is possible.

Building on their proven approaches, NJSBC is where like-minded businesses are joining together for the purpose of creating a new and dynamic 21st century economy for the Garden State based on the “triple bottom line”: people, profit, and planet. As a state affiliate of the ASBC, NJSBC and its members are working together to:

  • Constructively influence and shape relevant public policy and legislation at the state level.
  • Amplify the voice of sustainable businesses at the national level.
  • Serve as inspirational models, collaborators and educators for all New Jersey businesses and organizations that wish to adopt or improve their own triple bottom line strategies and results.

Guiding Principles

NJSBC believes in the power of a market-based economy. We also believe that to continue enjoying the benefits of market capitalism we need a structure that is good for businesses, for all New Jerseyans, for all Americans, and for the seven billion people who share this planet. We see that five core principles must be held in balance as our essential pillars for sustainable business success:

  1. Market Economy: A market-based business system must remain the heart of our economy, but it also must account for the human health and environmental costs that otherwise are passed on to the general public.
  2. Sensible Measures and Regulations: Good rules help us tap the power of innovation while protecting the sustainability of business.
  3. Broad Prosperity: Everyone deserves an opportunity to participate in and prosper from a sustainable economy.
  4. Sustainability: The business sector must make decisions that take into account the long-term needs of people, the planet and profits.
  5. Democracy Works: When all stakeholders have a voice, we can drive economic and societal change that benefits all. A market is nothing more or less than a set of rules and conventions negotiated through a political process. A sustainable market should be structured and managed to be fair, transparent, well-regulated, and fully accountable. Additionally, we must ensure that our democracy, in particular our electoral and legislative process, is not controlled by just the wealthiest, but with the full participation of all stakeholders.

It is time to reshape our economy toward a vibrant, equitable and sustainable future that meets our needs today and for generations to come.

How can one company make a difference? -  Don’t be one company.

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