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Texas Green Chamber of Commerce

Texas Green Chamber of Commerce’s (TGCC) mission is to promote sustainable economic development in Texas by advancing public policy initiatives and business practices that foster environmental and social responsibility.

Due to a number of factors, such as increased urbanization, rapid population growth and ecological diversity, Texas faces many challenges in creating a healthy environment for people, animals, and plant life.  There also exists a tremendous opportunity to expand the green industry in Texas into a major economic engine for driving the creation of quality jobs and sustainable tax bases.

A 501(c)(6) organization founded in 2010, TGCC’s efforts are focused on seizing the green advantage by advocating on behalf of environmentally responsible businesses and providing a platform for members to share knowledge and best practices in workplace sustainability. An integral component of the mission is to bring together both business persons already engaged in sustainability initiatives and those who are not yet as knowledgeable or involved in such efforts.  TGCC members believe in investing in people, protecting the air, land and water, and creating long-term profits.