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Voice for Oregon Innovation & Sustainability

VOIS envisions a prosperous economy driven by innovation, environmental stewardship, and social justice.

VOIS supports and activates the sustainable business community in Oregon through policy advocacy, education, and leadership cultivation to create an equitable and prosperous future.

VOIS believes that there is no better vehicle for social change than a healthy business. VOIS is founded in the idea that if businesses are encouraged to become sustainable, and if those sustainable businesses are supported so that they can become successful, they will begin to change the world around them through their impact on their employees, their vendors, their customers, and then eventually their legislators. People who start businesses tend to be leaders in every area of their lives. They embody the entrepreneurial spirit that can solve the world’s problems. If they have sustainability as a base, it means that they are looking at these problems and solutions holistically, in a way that ensures health and true prosperity for the whole planet in the long term.