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Trillium Asset Management

A pioneer, leader, and innovator,  Trillium is the oldest and largest independent investment management firm in the U.S. solely devoted to sustainable and responsible investing. We believe companies with strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) profiles are better managed for the long term, have lower risk profiles, and are positioned to outperform their peers.  We engage directly, through shareholder engagement and advocacy, and indirectly, through allocating capital to companies and sectors with positive economic, ecological, and social impact. Trillium’s impact has extended beyond our own walls, as the Co-Founder of Ceres, the Social Investment Forum, SIRAN, and Open MIC.

After nearly three decades of leadership in proactive, change-oriented social investment, we’re proud to stand on the cutting edge of a movement linking financial, social and environmental outcomes as sustainability concepts are embraced across the investment industry and around the world.