Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s (MCC) mission is to advocate for, connect, and educate the business community in Manhattan.

Founded in 1920, MCC is a non-profit member organization, which serves as a primary resource for small and mid-size firms doing business in Manhattan. The MCC represents the voice of over 100,000 companies in Manhattan and partners with over 300 diverse business organizations. The Chamber supports the business community by advocating for positive business legislation, hosting 3-4 monthly networking events and seminars, and expanding marketing opportunities and international outreach. MCC is also focused on providing opportunities for women and minority business owners, financial literacy, and workforce development.

The MCC is meeting the challenges of the 21st century—a time when technology is, again, changing the face of business. Through its “Green Chamber” website, MCC helps small-to-mid-sized businesses achieve some of the bottom line benefits associated with sustainability, while doing the right thing for the City and the global environment. MCC is at the forefront—supporting entrepreneurs during this exciting time in New York.


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Join us in working towards a sustainable economy that meets the challenges of the 21st century, based on strategic investments in work force and infrastructure; standards and safeguards that promote innovation and protect the public; and sustainable economic growth that fosters a growing, secure middle class.

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American Sustainable Business Council is a national partnership of 77+ business associations representing over 200,000 businesses and 325,000 entrepreneurs, managers, investors, and others. These partners support sustainable development, socially responsible business practices, and strong local Main Street economies.