Poll: Small Businesses Owners Oppose Offshore Tax Loopholes

American Sustainable Business Council

New polling reveals that small business owners oppose tax policy that lets US-based multinationals dodge taxes on profits kept offshore. By wide and bipartisan margins, small business owners want these loopholes closed. The survey of 515 business owners nationwide was commissioned by ASBC and Main Street Alliance.

“All businesses are hurt when we allow tax loopholes for big companies while cutting budgets for public education, research and infrastructure,“ said Josh Knauer, a business leader in ASBC and President and CEO of Rhiza Labs, a Pittsburgh-based software company. “Tax dollars were a vital component in America's past innovations and infrastructure, fostering economic success. The taxes we pay, wisely invested, are the down payments on our future success.”

Read the full report of poll results here: http://asbcouncil.org/sites/default/files/library/docs/msa_asbc_poll_reporttaxesapril2013.pdf


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