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November 12, 2012

New Poll 91% of Small Business Owners Believe Chemical Industry Should Be Held Responsible for Safe Chemicals in Marketplace

Los Angeles—U.S. small business owners want the chemical industry to be responsible for the safety of toxic chemicals in the marketplace, according to a new poll commissioned by the American Sustainable Business Council. Small business owners nationwide show strong support for stricter regulation of toxic chemicals.  The October study examined the attitudes and opinions of 511 small business owners around the country.

“In California, we have rising awareness from the public about toxic chemicals in products, and many small business retailers and manufacturers want to make the shift to safer products. Small business owners believe it is unfair that toxic chemicals linked to health hazards are promoted in the marketplace and therefore welcome sound and transparent regulation to help guide the marketplace. We urge Governor Jerry Brown to move ahead with the Safer Consumer Products Regulations,” explains Barry Cik with Naturepedic.

“With 82,000 virtually unregulated chemicals in the marketplace, this is a major concern for efforts for robust economic recovery,” says David Levine CEO, American Sustainable Business Council. “When business owners can’t know what health hazards are in the components they use for manufacturing or retail sales, they are at risk for loss of consumer confidence. This data shows that no matter what your political affiliation is, there is agreement that toxic chemicals need to be regulated to prevent risk for business and the public and to help drive innovation to safer chemicals and products”

“Since inception we have been environmentally aware, using recyclable bottles and sprayers, purchasing clean emission free energy all active ingredients are listed on the labels so that the consumer knows exactly what they are buying. As a father, I am deeply concerned about the health of my family and trust their safety on my three young children. As a business owner, I believe in making safe and effective products,” says Jeff Kletter, CEO, KINeSYS Inc.

The poll data supports the need for the state of California’s proposed historic Safer Consumer Products Regulations, that creates and prioritizes a list of chemicals of concern in consumer products, requires an alternatives assessment on prioritized chemicals, and regulates the chemicals, if necessary. Safer chemicals enable California businesses to capture a growing global market for green products and services. The poll also indicates that U.S. and California businesses want to be competitive in this global environment. Business, consumer, and health advocates have asked Governor Jerry Brown to heed the business leaders who support the Safer Consumer Products Regulations, and are urging the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to finalize the regulations in a timely manner. Click here for more.

The ASBC Small Business Poll Found:

  • 75% support stricter regulations of chemicals used in everyday products.
  • 87% support government regulations of chemicals used in growing food.
  • 73% support government regulations to ensure the products companies buy and sell are non-toxic.
  • 91% support chemical manufacturers being held responsible for ensuring their chemicals are safe.
  • 76% support tax incentive for companies that innovate to provide safer chemicals.
  • 92% support regulations to protect air and water from pollution by toxic chemicals.
  • 78% support government regulations to reduce air pollutants linked to environmental and health problems.

The poll was commissioned by the American Sustainable Business Council, a national coalition of business organizations, which, together, represent over 150,000 small and medium businesses sharing the goal of a sustainable economy. The Poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners in partnership with Public Opinion Strategies.

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Barry Cik, Naturepedic, (216) 288-0995,

David Mermin, Lake Research,  510 286- 2097,

Lori Weigel, Positive Strategies  303 433- 4424,


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