Toxic Chemical Threat to Business: Senate Finally Protects Public with Reform

For Immediate Release: 
July 25, 2012

 American Sustainable Business Council Applauds Historic Vote

(Washington, DC). The United States Senate achieved a landmark decision today when a key committee passed the Safe Chemicals Act, which provides environmental health protections from toxic chemicals.

“The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works took an important step toward modernizing the Toxic Substance and Control Act of 1976,” comments David Levine, CEO, American Sustainable Business Council. “The 82,000 chemicals in the marketplace that are virtually unregulated have put American business people in an even more vulnerable position than we already are with the sagging economy. We know that rising public awareness on chemicals exposure has spurred business innovation, new jobs, and profits. The business community applauds this important action to support businesses’ ability to provide safer products for the American public.”

“Perkins+Will believes that the Safe Chemicals Act is an essential piece of legislation for the building materials industry. Perkins+Will is proving that moving away from hazardous chemicals can be done and can be profitable. We need strong national legislation to provide the needed framework to move our economy in this more business friendly direction," says Peter Syrett, Associate Principal at Perkins+Will.

"Reform of the 36-year-old policy regulating chemicals in consumer products is woefully overdue. We believe that companies should prove that the chemicals they use in products that they sell are safe. The passage of the Safe Chemicals Act would do just that. Passage of the Safe Chemicals Act will help protect the health and safety of families and their children for generations to come," says Christopher Miller, Corporate Consciousness, Seventh Generation.

"We are delighted that Congress recognizes the positive impact that the Chemical Safety Act will have on all business—from investment capital, to R&D, to small business manufacturing, to consumer safety—this policy will move all in a better direction. It's the very definition of economic growth," says Ally LaTourelle, Esq., V.P. Government Affairs, BioAmber.


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