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Sustainable Economics

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Rebuild The Houston Region

As the engineering capital of the world, and a region praised for boldness and open-mindedness, Houston has an opportunity to show the world how innovative technologies and open, inclusive initiatives can mitigate flooding, build sustainable communities, and complete resilient multimodal transportation systems, while the rains continue to come.

We pulled strangers in need into our boats, and let people sleep in our homes, expecting nothing in return. The entire world turned their attention to Houston two weeks after the ugliness in Charlottesville and witnessed a model of a diverse, tolerant, open, and loving city of the future. And we want to stay here, in this city of the future.

But do we have to worry about a devastating flood every time it rains? Will we keep building roads without factoring in changing weather patterns? Can we trust our region’s rebuilding efforts will work to protect all of our neighbors and friends who live here? Will the leadership of our rebuilding efforts reflect the diversity of our region?

Houston has the will, the technological skill, and the entrepreneurial spirit to get it done. We can define a new standard of equitable metropolitan decision making informed by science, data, and diverse points of view. We can mitigate flooding, build resilient communities, improve flood controls and our transportation systems following Hurricane Harvey. Let’s use this catastrophe to permanently improve the quality of life of our region. Read the extended Op-ed.

Join us in rebuilding the Houston region sustainably, equitably, smartly.

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