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Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a leading brand of green household and personal care products. Established in 1988, the Burlington, Vermont based company remains an independent, privately-held company distributing products to natural food stores, supermarkets, mass merchants, and online retailers across the United States and Canada.

Corporate responsibility is in our DNA.  From our very first days as a company we have been driven to consider the effects of our actions on the next seven generations. Our goal is to design products that make a difference --  from their development to their production, purchase, use and disposal. And as a pioneer in corporate responsibility, we strive to make our practices a model for moving the world toward a more just and sustainable future.

We demonstrate our own corporate responsibility through our commitment to transparency (annual Corporate Consciousness reports such as this one and ingredient disclosure on our packages) and through our certification as a B Corporation. We became a founding B Corporation in 2008 because we believe it is critical that there be a standard for corporate responsibility in the United States. We also value our relationships with many organizations that share our goals of business responsibility, healthy products and a healthy environment

We aspire to transform commerce by championing honesty, responsibility, and radical transparency.

Our aspirations are founded in the belief that the business sector can play a vital role in creating a future of thriving communities and a healthy environment. For this to happen, commerce itself must change. Seventh Generation has always sought to have an influence far greater than our size in fostering this transformation.

Climate change is an issue of deep concern to us. As we work to reduce our own carbon footprint, it is clear change will not come from our actions alone. We know we need to work closely with others to protect our planet for future generations. Our the goal is passage of meaningful climate change legislation that promotes clean energy, boosts efficiency and limits carbon emissions

One of our highest priorities is working for strong, effective law to regulate toxic chemicals in the United States. The law intended to address this, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976, has long been insufficient. Seventh Generation has been working passionately for years to address this problem by supporting sound federal toxics control legislation, by working with our industry to promote ingredient disclosure and use of safer chemicals, and by educating consumers about toxics

Seventh Generation was founded on more than a belief in the fundamental need for a safe and healthy environment. We also believe that we all have the right to do fulfilling work in a nurturing workplace. To promote equity, our highest executive salary is currently measured at 15 times our lowest full-time salary.  An annual bonus incentive program based on company results, individual contributions and our sustainability goals provides additional financial support for our staff.

To enhance the health and wellness of our coworkers and their families, each employee receives up to $800 in annual fitness reimbursements, and all enjoy access to comprehensive health insurance that draws no distinctions between married, unmarried, and same-sex life partners.

Helping our staff achieve a positive work-life balance is another key focus of our effort to build a great place to work. To support this, we encourage the use of flex-time and telecommuting technologies.

We also believe in carrying our philosophies out into the world around us and doing all we can to build a healthy and sustainable community in which to live.  We have an industry leading volunteer program where each employee contributes 1% of his or her time to giving back.