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Small Business Owners Poll

Polling results: The Economic State of Small Business

In January and February 2012, the American Sustainable Business Council, Main Street Alliance, and Small Business Majority released polling that asked small employers across the country about key issues impacting the small business community. These included access to credit; proposals in the American Jobs Act to boost the economy; regulations; taxes; and money in politics. Respondents were politically diverse: 50% identified as Republican, 32% as Democrat, and 15% as independent.

The poll found nine in 10 small business owners have a negative view of the role money plays in politics. The results showed 90% of small business owners see the availability of credit as a problem for small business, and they strongly favor increasing the lending authority of community banks and credit unions. We also learned that entrepreneurs support current proposals being debated in Congress that aim to boost the economy and create jobs, particularly investments in infrastructure.

The polling revealed that consumer demand—not regulation—is small business owners’ greatest concern. In fact, 86% see regulation as a necessary part of a modern economy and three-quarters believe it is necessary to level the playing field between small and large businesses. Lastly, 90% of small business owners believe large corporations use loopholes to avoid taxes that small businesses have to pay, and three-quarters say their own business suffers because of it.