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Senate Tax Cut Proposal: The Wrong Cuts at the Wrong Time

The American Sustainable Business Council is calling on senators to vote against the current tax-reform bill. The proposed bill initiates or accelerates a number of trends that will seriously undermine the U.S. economy.

  • It will undercut our ability to invest in innovation, education, and our future economy, by increasing the federal deficit at a time when deficit spending is unnecessary.
  • It will do little to improve business investments in growth and jobs in the United States.
  • It will weaken consumer spending by increasing income inequality.
  • It will continue to put U.S.-based businesses at a disadvantage and erode our tax base through the wrong version of territorial tax when there are other solutions.

What we need is real tax reform that supports middle- and low-income families, protects and supports U.S. businesses, and invests in our nation’s economic future. The Senate bill will not do that.

Read ASBC’s full policy statement and learn more about Sales Factor Apportionment – a better version of territorial tax that make U.S. businesses more competitive and stops incentives for corporations to move business and profits offshore.

Help us tell senators that their tax proposal is NOT the tax reform America needs now!

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