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What the Election Means to Sustainable Businesses

What the Election Means to Sustainable Businesses

The results of the 2016 national election will profoundly alter the landscape for sustainable businesses. From ballot initiatives on higher wages and carbon taxes, to changes in which party controls Congress and state legislatures, to the leadership impact of a new president, your company or business association will be affected by the elections. Get a jump on the next four years by participating in this post-election debrief.

Learn what new opportunities will arise, as well as what challenges await sustainable business at the federal and state levels.


Richard Eidlin, Vice President of American Sustainable Business Council, will describe how the sustainable business community can mobilize around key issues and discuss what new opportunities lie ahead.

Sam Munger, Director at State Innovation Exchange, will review the shift in party controls state houses and governors’ offices and what those shifts mean for workplace, tax and economic development issues.

Celinda Lake, President of Lake Research Partners, will assess demographic changes and what they mean for action at the federal level on energy, minimum wage, workplace and health care policies.

Shaun Chapman, Chief of Staff at SolarCity, will discuss what the elections mean for domestic energy policy, including the use of public lands for clean energy projects, carbon tax, and a national renewable portfolio standard.