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Working Groups

In order to develop effective issue advocacy and educational campaigns, ASBC maintains a series of Working Groups (WGs). The WGs consist of organizational partners, business supporters, and interested allies. Each WG focuses on a particular issue area, with some covering a fairly narrow and others encompassing a broader set of initiatives.

The goal of the WGs is to foster collaboration among ASBC’s diverse members and to provide them with a platform from which to develop a commonly held framework and set of objectives. The WGs also allow partners to develop longer term strategies and campaigns that can be used to advocate for public policies consistent with ASBC’s overall mission.

Each WG creates a set of principles, which express the overarching objectives and values related to the issue at hand. The principles set the framework by which a WG conducts its business and informs what policy issues and legislative initiatives the WG focuses on. All participants are invited to help shape the WGs agenda and bring issues of concern to the table.

Not every issue ASBC engages in is supported by an on-going WG. In some cases, short-term campaigns, involving multiple partners, are developed to advocate for a particular time sensitive issue. A new WG, focused on a particular set of issues, can be formed at any point.

The current list of working groups and the issues with which they engaged are as follows:

Safer Products - Safer Chemicals (TSCA reform, Green Chemistry, Safe Cosmetics Act, Product Safety, Regulatory Oversight issues)

Business for Democracy/Fair Elections (Reform of Campaign Finance Laws, Money and Politics, State Efforts to Control Spending, Citizens United)

Energy & Environment (Regulations, Air/Water Quality, Clean Energy, Finance)

Taxes & Revenues (Federal Budget issues, Tax Havens, Tax Equity, Small Business, Offshoring)

Sustainable Agriculture (Food Policy, Capital, Rural Economic Development, Organics)

Sustainable Economic Development (Capital Access, SBA, American Jobs Act, Green Procurement, Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Standards, Coops, Investment, Microenterprises)

Health Care (Affordable Care Act, Pricing, Transparency, Alternative Health Practices)

Domestic Manufacturing (Make it in America legislation, Procurement, Preferences)

Regulations/Standards (Business case for the economic, social, and environmental benefits of smart regulations and standards at the federal and state level)

Technology, Media, and Democracy (SOPA, Net Neutrality, Media Concentration)

Externalities (Subsidies, Full Cost Accounting, Market Distortions, and Unaccounted for Social and Environmental Impacts)

Working Group on Women (Focuses on Health Care, Economic Development, Safe Products, Climate Change and other issues through a gender lens).

To learn how to join any of these working groups, please contact us.