Climate Change: The Externality that Came In From the Cold
Julie Fox Gorte

An externality is something that costs nothing on the part of the person or enterprise that creates it, but imposes a cost or conveys a benefit to others. The world is full of them. My children create them by Skyping with their friends at elevated decibel levels all night. Externalities come in all sizes too. Fortunately for my neighbors, the Skype externality stays within the walls of my house.

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Flash Trading: Where Your Money Goes to Die
David Brodwin

This week, best-selling author Michael Lewis released his new book "Flash Boys." Lewis reveals how Wall Street insiders use a practice called high frequency trading to profit at the expense of their clients, the ordinary investors.

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3rd Annual Global Diversity Leadership Exchange
Ellene Felder

On March 27th, 2014 the 3rd annual Global Diversity Leadership Exchange (GDLE) convened more than 100 leaders in New York at the United Nations. The 2014 theme, “Connecting Cultures & Corporate Value” innovatively linked these relevant issues with sustainability, inclusion, diversity, corporate social responsibility, profitability and wealth creation.

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Increasing Opportunity with Increased Wages
Gregg Keesling

The conversations over income disparity and the issues that contribute to it are growing across the country in intensity and volume. The gap is widening between those who have and those who have not. As we continue to move out of the Great Recession, there remain some 46 million Americans working only part-time or not at all.

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Buying Into Sustainability, Hook, Line and Sinker
David Brodwin

The fishing industry offers a very strong business case for sustainability, but ironically, it is one of the most difficult industries to make sustainable in practice. This week, a new proposal was put forward to finance sustainability in the fishing industry. The proposal illustrates the kind of creative thinking that could finance a wide range of sustainability ideas, moving them from dreams to reality.

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How Obamacare will save my business $7,500
Frank Knapp

Between the Republican Governors Association’s TV ad criticizing likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Vincent Sheheen and the debate inside the state Senate on a bill to outlaw much of the state’s participation in Obamacare, it would be easy to believe that the health-care reform is hurting South Carolina families.

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Inequality Is Dragging Us Down
David Brodwin

“The basic bargain at the heart of our economy has frayed” said President Obama in a recent address. Inequality is up, and social mobility is down. “These trends are bad for our economy” and we have to reverse them. he said.

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The Misguided War on Envy
David Brodwin

Conservatives have launched a War on Envy.

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"Free Trade" Isn't the Goal of These Treaties
Jeff Milchen

It’s obvious why global corporations wish to see international treaties like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) described as “free trade” pacts or to associate the pacts with advancing “free markets.” Americans gravitate toward the concept of freedom.

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Clean Energy is Everybody’s Business
Bill Ritter Jr.

President Obama is pushing the United States toward a clean energy economy, policy by policy. Last June, he announced his climate action plan. And, pointing to just two examples, his Administration has successfully pursued new fuel economy standards and is now drafting the power plant regulations on carbon emissions.

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